What is a QR Code?

qr code
A Quick Response (QR) Code is a form of code that links you to the online world with a simple click of your phone. This new marketing tool is one of the fastest growing marketing trends in the United States! It allows you to start a dialogue with your customers and prospects by giving your target audience immediate, on-the-spot access to online content including your website, videos, blogs, coupons and much more.

QR Codes, used in conjunction with PURLs (personalized URLs), allow you to collect, consolidate and track data as well as measure results. You will be provided with online marketing metrics with speed and information not available through traditional marketing campaigns. Another benefit — they can be used on almost any material or surface including promotional products.

To make print interactive and start a two-way conversation with your target audience, contact your Brenneman representative and we’ll explain how it works.