Understanding Personalized URLs

Would you like to increase your marketing campaign response rates? Do you need better campaign tracking? What if you could capture valuable customer data that can be used instantly to focus your marketing message and increase your sales opportunities?

Brenneman can do all of this for you with a solution that combines direct mail, the internet and email into a powerful integrated marketing tool called PURL (Personalized URL).

  • PURLs are unique and proven to boost response rates
  • PURLs allow you to monitor the results of your campaign and alert you to PURL traffic in real time
  • PURLs gather valuable information
  • PURLs integrate multiple channels as part of your marketing campaign (direct mail, email, and online)
  • PURLs immediately put leads into the hands of your sales team

To learn more about how to use one of the most effective marketing tools available today, contact your Brenneman representative and we’ll explain how it works.