Our Story

Brenneman Inc. opened its doors in 1969 as Brenneman Printing, a family-owned and -operated enterprise providing print services to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania community.

Paul and Doris Brenneman started the business in the basement of their family home. By 1972, the business had soared. Paul was able to leave his position at RR Donnelley, focus full-time on business and move the company from their basement into its own facility. Brenneman relocated again in 1979 to its current home in the Greenfield Corporate Center, just east of Lancaster City.

The Brennemans retired in 1996 and sold the business to their daughters, Jennifer Hostetter and Jill Brenneman. With 38 years of experience in the industry, Jennifer became the President and CEO and Jill works in Accounting.

Celebrating over 46 years of service, Brenneman continues to develop its human resources, equipment and capabilities. We believe success is having a positive impact on our clients, employees and suppliers – always delivering the best in service, results and customer experience.