The True Value of Promotional Products

The average person visits the refrigerator over ten times per day. In one year, the average family of four can be exposed to your logo and marketing message on a refrigerator magnet over 14,000 times. Can you imagine having your marketing message get that kind of exposure for a relatively low cost? Here are some interesting statistics on the success of using promotional products.

  • Studies have shown that you can triple trade show booth traffic by including a promotional product in your pre-show mailing.
  • The use of a promotional product in conjunction with a sales letter in direct mailings can increase response rates by as much as 50%
  • Customers who receive promotional products are 14% more willing to provide sales leads than customers who receive nothing.
  • 39% of people who received a promotional product could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after they received it.
  • Sales people who gave promotional gifts to customers received 22% more referrals than those who did not.
  • Customers who received promotional products re-ordered up to 18% sooner than those who received coupons.
  • Using promotional products can give you an advantage over tradeshow exhibitors for buyer attention.
  • Customers who received a promotional product expressed more goodwill toward the company than those who did not receive a promo product.

These findings demonstrate just how much of an impact and how effective promotional products can be to increase awareness, generate goodwill, improve sales leads, and increase traffic at tradeshows.

The big advantage that promotional products have over other advertising media is that the recipient almost always keeps the item and the advertiser then gets repeat exposure at no additional cost.

Top 5 Advantages Of Using Promotional Products:

  • Tangible—promotes repeat exposure
  • Impact is easily measured
  • Complements other advertising media
  • Flexibility—can easily target different audiences
  • Goodwill—builds favorable perceptions

The true value of promotional products lies in their ability to carry a message to a well-defined audience and provide repeat exposure at no extra cost.