Three-Dimensional Mailers

Capture Attention and Spark Curiosity with Three-Dimensional Mailers

A dimensional mailer is one of the most effective forms of direct mail. Some industry data indicate dimensional mailers have a nearly 100% open rate. A dimensional mailer immediately rises to the top of the mail pile due to its size, shape, and format.

Dimensional mailers that move, flap, pop, and surprise customers will pique interest and create a memorable experience while engaging the recipient with your brand. The goal is to create an opening experience that is so exciting it results in more effective brand recall. Design the mailer so that the recipient must spend time with the piece to open it; physically interacting with the piece establishes a better emotional connection between the recipient and your brand. The form of a dimensional mailer is limited only by the creativity of the designer.

Like other marketing pieces, success with a dimensional mailer requires a strong message that connects the recipient with an effective Call to Action (CTA). The CTA is one of the most critical elements of a mail campaign. Your entire campaign needs to include an easy-to-understand CTA. Ask the recipient to visit your website so you can capture information via a contact form. This will enable you to create a drip email campaign that will align with the prospective buyer’s experience with your brand.

Dimensional mailers are designed to be memorable. Even if a lead does not instantly convert into a sale, the recipient is now more familiar with your business and offerings, which makes them more likely to convert in the future. Recipients might also share an entertaining dimensional mailer with others, effectively expanding your marketing reach further.

Bottom line: if your messages aren’t getting through, you might need a less conventional approach. Break the cycle of silence with a dimensional mailer that captivates and boosts sales. Contact your Brenneman Account Manager for samples.