The Value of Informed Delivery®

The Value of Informed Delivery®

Informed Delivery allows you to preview your physical mail via email before it arrives in your home mailbox.

If you sign up for the free Informed Delivery service, you will receive email notifications that contain images of the outer envelope or address side of every mailpiece that will be delivered to your home.

This new feature offers marketers a unique chance to reach customers across two marketing channels with one tactic: increasing reach and frequency without any additional expense beyond the cost of a typical mailing.

If you create a campaign associated with the mailing, recipients are able to view images of the mailing and an associated mailer image including offers, and can also click through to the target URL from their email or dashboard. In other words, the recipient can see the mailpiece and go directly to a website to place an order or gather more information before they personally receive the mailpiece. Sixty-eight percent of Informed Delivery users say they act on digital promotions from emails at least once a month.


  • Both physical and digital touchpoints
  • Achieve an email open rate over 60%—twice the industry average*
  • Generate multiple impressions from a single mailpiece
  • Enhance customer call-to-action with interactive digital content
  • Digitally reach anyone on your physical mail list
  • Receive data insights to increase ROI and maximize marketing spend

 *The current six-month average email open rate is 63.7%.

By utilizing Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB), Informed Delivery allows you to create a single campaign for your mail list or run multiple campaigns for segmented targets. You can manage your campaigns, view click rates, and review more detailed results from an easy-to-navigate portal within the USPS Informed Delivery website.

Informed Delivery is free to mail recipients and marketers, making it a no-risk opportunity to engage your target audience through an integrated campaign that generates more impressions, interactions, and insights. Contact your Brenneman Account Manager for more information.

3 Touchpoints with Informed Delivery®

First Touchpoint
A consumer checks the Informed Delivery app, email, or dashboard and views “ride-along” content below an image of a mailpiece.

Second Touchpoint
The consumer physically opens the same piece of mail at home.

Third Touchpoint
The consumer takes advantage of a special offer included in the mailpiece.