PAF Form is Valid for Only One Year

According to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), over 40 million Americans change their address annually. NCOA (National Change of Address) service updates your mail list with the most current address information available. Cleaning your list cuts costs, ensures deliverability, and reduces waste. It’s also required by USPS.

To qualify for discounted postage rates, the USPS requires mail lists used for bulk mailings to have been corrected within the last 95 days. While there are several methods to accomplish this, the most common, convenient, and effective is the NCOA service used by Brenneman.

Brenneman checks your list against the USPS database of over 30 million move updates (the privacy and confidentiality of your list is strictly enforced). We then provide you with several reports that you must use to update your internal mailing list:

  • A processing certificate that summarizes the results of the NCOA;
  • A report that includes all the address changes made, and codes them to identify the reasons behind the changes;
  • A report listing all addresses that are undeliverable as addressed, and codes them to identify the reasons why;
  • An Excel file of any addresses provided that were not mailed.

Brenneman will automatically use the corrected addresses for the mailing and will eliminate closed or invalid addresses from the mailing.
Please be aware that the USPS requires you to sign a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) every year, which verifies that you are the authorized source of the list.

It is important to note that the USPS will not allow us to process your mail projects without the signed PAF form. Mail lists that are not maintained and updated could result in a loss of mailing privileges by the USPS. Brenneman will send you the PAF form via email for your review and approval every year. If there are no changes, simply click on the “Approve” button. Please contact us immediately if you have changes.