The Importance of Finding the Right Fulfillment Partner

Businesses may not realize the impact handling fulfillment in-house has on a company’s bottom line. Organizations that depend on collateral to convey their marketing message to customers and prospects might find internally managing the resources to pick, pack, ship and track orders overwhelming, inefficient and costly. Not to mention the waste of valuable space needed for storing these materials and the lag time of getting the materials into the hands of the end user.

Advantages of utilizing an on-line automated order fulfillment system include managing your inventory from your desktop, quick distribution and keeping your materials current by eliminating obsolete items and overstocking. Automation ensures accuracy, efficiency and streamlines the process of delivering critical and important branded materials to customers or the key people in your organization.

Must-Haves For Your Fulfillment Partner

Any literature or promotional product fulfillment site should include:

  • Company branding and seamless integration into your corporate website
  • Print-on-demand capability for items that change quickly to eliminate large-scale literature storage and facilitate rapid and waste-free updates for new product launches, model changes, price increases, etc.
  • Keep field/sales representatives and end users updated with the latest version of your materials
  • The ability to not only order print literature, but to download digital versions as well
  • Automated inventory tracking and low quantity alerts to ensure availability of items in stock
  • Multi-level approval system for complete inventory control

Contact Brenneman to learn more and discover how our automated, online fulfillment system can help support your business. Custom kitting, packaging and distribution of literature and/or promotional materials are also available. We store, sort and deliver materials of all shapes and sizes for a variety of companies.