Brenneman is a Full-Service Certified Mail Service Provider (MSP)

We are pleased to announce that Brenneman has successfully met the criteria to qualify as a Full-Service Certified Mail Service Provider through the United States Postal Service (USPS). In order to obtain this certification, the USPS directly assessed and rated our direct mail processing procedures to ensure that stringent quality standards were implemented and maintained. Only companies with excellent scorecards can receive certification. The USPS will schedule similar evaluations annually to ensure that we continue to meet these quality metrics.

Our clients will benefit from our certification in a significant way: lower postage. Brenneman receives a postage discount for both First Class and Standard Class mail, and that discount is passed directly to our clients. We also provide our clients with the benefit of detailed reporting about their mailing.

We are able to address questions regarding mailpiece design considerations and USPS regulations quickly, which aids in the timely completion of your direct mail project. Our staff can assist you with:

  • Ancillary endorsements
  • Physical mailpiece design
  • Interpretation of postal regulations
  • Recommendations, consultations on presorting alternatives, and presort analysis
  • Analysis of discount and payment options
  • Faster processing and delivery of mailpieces at the best rates

As your mailing consultant, we maintain permits for your use, keep up with constantly changing USPS regulations, and deliver your mail directly to the post office for you. We are able to obtain the best available discounts for your mailings and save you money.

Our USPS-certified software standardizes addresses, eliminates duplicates, and sorts your mail list so it can be delivered faster, more accurately, and at less cost due to lower postage rates.

Brenneman is also certified for the Mail Anywhere Program. The Mail Anywhere Program provides Brenneman with special permissions to send mail using any permit at any post office. Since the USPS trusts that our mail is processed correctly, our projects with unique permits can now be verified at any Detached Mail Unit (DMU), instead of being trucked to the facility where the permit is held for verification. Our involvement in this program means lower freight costs for our clients, as well as improved verification and in-home times.